Jainism - A Religious Movement

Jainism – A Religious Movement

Hello readers, last week we had learnt Buddhism – A Religious Movement, today we will discuss, about its successor Jainism. Jainism – A Religious Movement is a very important topic , it is advisable to go through this topic properly….

18th IIFA Awards 2017 - Winner's List - ClicknCrack

18th IIFA Awards 2017 | Winner’s List | Flip Cards

Hello readers, today we will go through winner’s list of recently held 18th IIFA Awards 2017. This edition of the International Indian Film Academy Awards was held in New York. The event was hosted by filmmaker Karan Johar and actor…

Ram Nath Kovind - New President of India - Image - ClicknCrack

Ram Nath Kovind | New President of India

The successor of India’s 13th President, Pranab Mukherjee, NDA candidate Ram Nath Kovind (71), recently been elected as the country’s new President of India (14th). He has defeated former Lok Sabha speaker, Meira Kumar after receiving 65.6%, translating into 702,044…

Indian States & UTs with Capitals - Easy Learning Tricks - ClicknCrack
Punjab Budget 2017-18 - ClicknCrack

Punjab Budget 2017-18

The Punjab Budget 2017-18 was presented by Hon’ble Finance Minister S. Manpreet Singh Badal on 20.7.2017.   Some highlights of the budget are given below: The layout of the current budget is 18 lakh crore. Social Security pension has been increased from Rs…

Microsoft Office - MS Word Shortcuts - ClicknCrack

Microsoft Office | MS Word Shortcuts

Hello Readers, Today we are going to learn about Microsoft Office – MS Word Shortcuts, the important topic for all competitive exams. We will cover all the salient points required to crack this part of the examination.   So, let’s go…

Important Prepositions

Prepositions Error Spotting   Hello Readers Today’s topic is Prepositions.   Let’s start the topic with its meaning. Preposition is made up of two words – Pre + Position. Pre means before and position means the place. So, Preposition is…

Cubes and Cube Roots

Cubes Cube Roots   Hello Readers Today’s Topic is – Cubes & Cube Roots (Perfect and Imperfect) First, we will discuss how to find out the Cubes of the numbers and then, we will discuss the Cube Roots.                                                              CUBES  …

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