September 3 Current Affairs – Memory Cards

Hello Readers. We will daily provide Current Affairs explained in short with the help of the pictures cards. The pictures cards will help you to revise and memorize the current affairs in less time. So, here are September 3 Current Affairs.


electric buses is to introduce under AMRUT scheme in Srinagar and Jammu


Hyderabad International Airport received National Award for “Excellence” in Energy Management


Dwarf galaxy, Breakthrough Mission Project has detected 15 Fast radio bursts (FRBs)


1000 e-rickshaws will be launched at Gurugram


9th BRICS Summit is to be held in Xiamen, China


Link-4 of Saurashtra Narmada Avataran Irrigation Scheme -SAUNI- Yojana at Rajkot


Peggy Whitson Astronaut returns to Earth after spending record breaking 299 days in outer space


MS Dhoni becomes first wicketkeeper in world cricket to attain 100 stumpings in One Day Internationals (ODIs)


Kenneth I. Juster has been nominated as the next US Ambassador to India


Nepal has signed UN Development Assistance Plan for 2018-2022




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September 3 Current Affairs – Daily Current Affairs Updates



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