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Articles Rules


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In today’s topic we will discuss about Correct Use of Articles which will help us to spot the errors in exam. We will discuss some rules that will help you to improve your scores in exams.

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Correct Use of Articles


There are 3 articles – A, An (Indefinite Articles) and The (Definite Article)


Articles Rules Article 1


Use of “A” / “An”


Article A or An is used before Singular nouns and is determined by the first sound of the pronunciation of the noun. If it is pronounced with the vowel sound (A, E, I, O, U) – Use An otherwise A.

Examples –

He is an honest man

A useful book

A young man


Use of “The”- Definite Article

The definite article ‘The’ is used in following cases:


1) While speaking of a particular person or thing or one already referred to.

Example – She found a chain. The chain contained a diamond. The diamond is very precious.


2) When a singular noun is meant to represent a whole category/class

Example – The peacock is the beautiful bird.


3) ‘The’ is used before superlatives.

Example – He is the most intelligent boy in our college.


4) ‘The’ is used with renowned building, gulf, river, oceans, sea etc.

Example – The Taj Mahal, The Ganges


5) ‘The’ is placed only before the plural names of islands and the mountain ranges, chain of mountains, plural name of countries.

Example – The Netherlands, The Himalayas


6) ‘The’ is used before the names consisting of noun + of + noun.

Example – The Gulf of Mexico


7) ‘The’ is used before the adjectives east/west etc. + noun in certain names.

Example – The West Indies, The north/south pole


8) ‘The’ is used before the name of directions.

Example – The north, The west, The south, The east


9) The is used before the name of persons(Family) in plural.

Example – The Raymonds, The Birlas


10)Before the names of important and renowned books.

Example – The Ramayana, The Geeta


11) Before such common nouns that are names of things unique of their kind.

Example – The sun, The earth, The environment


12) Before terms referring Nationality or Community.

Example – The Indian, The American


13) Before a proper noun, only when it is qualified by an adjective.

Example – The great Shakespeare


14) Before musical instruments and name of inventions.

Example – The harmonium, The guitar


15) Before an adjective, when the nouns represents a class of persons.

Example – The young will support the new political party.


16) ‘The’ is used before name of Newspaper, Community, Political Party, Historical event, etc

Example – The Times of India


17) When two or more nouns refer to one person, put ‘the’ before the first noun only. If both the nouns refer two different persons or thing, ‘the’ is used before both of them

Example – (a) The producer and director was present there.

(Producer and director is one person)

(b)The producer and the director were present there.

(Producer and director are two different person)


18) ‘The’ is used as an adverb with a comparative.

Example – The sooner you complete the better it is.


19) When a person is being referred  by his designation, ‘the’ is used.

Example – The Chairman, The Director


20) ‘The’ is used in some phrases also.

Example – Come to the point.


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