Buddhism – A Religious Movement

Hello readers, last week we have discussed Vedic Civilization, that composed Vedas. Today we will revise the post vedic period, which gave rise to religious movements, starting from Buddhism A Religious Movement. In this we are covering all the material, which are important for exams.

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 Arrow Always remember, Gautam Buddha was the founder of Buddhism.


Buddhism A Religious Movement Causes led to rise of Buddhism

  • Complexity of Vedic rituals – These were not understood by the common man and were explained with the help of Brahmans.
  • Vedic Literature in Sanskrit – Sanskrit was not used by the common man and it was considered as the language of the elite class.
  • Supremacy of the Brahmans – Because of the above two reasons, society was influenced by the supremacy of the Brahmans
  • Rigid Caste system


Life Events of Gautama Buddha

Buddha’s life is divided into 5 events, which is denoted by different symbols. The following table shows, events and symbols:

Buddha Life Event

Now we will go through Gautam Buddha’s life events & his family by the way of tables:

Birth of Gautama Buddha


Buddha Family


Buddha's Key Persons

He was raised with all luxuries and happiness. He was not aware of sorrows and hardships. Following are the 4 sights which showed him dejection and are marked as the turning point of his life:

4 sights that Buddha saw

  • At the age of 29, he renounced his home, which is also known as Mahabhiniskramana.
  • At the age of 35, he attained Nirvana at Uruvella (Bodh Gaya) on the banks of river Niranjana (Presently Falgu), under the Pipal tree.
  • He delivered his 1st sermon aka Turning of the wheel of law or Dharmachakra Pravartana at Sarnath to his 5 disciples.
  • He was died at the age of 80 in 483 BC in Kushinagar.


Doctrine of Buddism

Doctrine of Buddism table


Brief explanation to reduce sorrows by Buddhism paths:

Doctrine of Buddism table 1


Jewels of buddism

Jewels of buddism table


Buddhist councils

Buddhist councils table



Sects of Buddism

Sects of Buddism table


Buddhist Literature

It is comprised of two types viz. Pali Text & Sanskrit Text. These are further divided into different texts which are shown as below:

Buddhist Literature Table


Buddhist Architecture

It was developed in 3 forms:

Buddhist Architecture table


Arrow The largest Buddhist temple in the world is Borobudur in Indonesia.

  • Gita of Buddhism – Dhammapad
  • Writer of Buddhacharita (poem on the life of Gautama Buddha) – Aswaghosa



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