Important Prepositions | Error Spotting Tips

Prepositions Error Spotting   Hello Readers Today’s topic is Prepositions.   Let’s start the topic with its meaning. Preposition is made up of two words – Pre + Position. Pre means before and position means the place. So, Preposition is…

Error Spotting Quiz Important Rules (Set 1)

English Error Spotting Quiz  Hello Readers As we have discussed some Important Rules of Spotting Errors. Spotting Errors: Important Rules   Here is the Error Spotting Important Rules     Please share you feedback, we are ready to serve better. 🙂 Keep…

Parts of Speech (Part-1) – Nouns (Part 1)

Nouns Error Tricks  Hello Readers, Today we will start learning the different concepts that will help us to boost our marks in the competitive exams. We will start our learning process with the foundation of grammar, that is, Parts of…

Error Spotting Quiz (Prepositions) – Set 4

Error Spotting Quiz Prepositions Hello Readers Today we have discussed about Prepositions   Prepositions – Part 2 – “Words Taking More than One Preposition” Here is the Error Spotting Quiz Prepositions    

Error Spotting (Pronouns) – Set 3

Error Spotting Quiz Pronouns Hello Readers As we have discussed about Error Spotting – Pronouns Error Spotting – Correct Use of Pronouns   Here is the Error Spotting Quiz Pronouns   Keep Sharing ! Keep Visiting ! Happy Learning !…

Error Spotting Quiz – Articles (Set 2)

Error Spotting Quiz Hello Readers Today we have discussed about Correct Use of Articles. Spotting the Errors – Correct Use of Articles   Here is the Error Spotting Quiz Articles     Keep Sharing ! Keep Visiting ! Happy Learning !  

Element Series Quiz (Set 1)

Hello Drillers As we have learnt about Element Series in Today’s Learning Session   Element Series – Explained with Examples     Please give your feedback, we are ready to serve better  🙂  Subscribe and Share !   

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