Jainism – A Religious Movement (Notes with Quiz)

Hello readers, last week we had learnt Buddhism – A Religious Movement, today we will discuss, about its successor Jainism. Jainism – A Religious Movement is a very important topic , it is advisable to go through this topic properly….

Microsoft Office | MS Word Shortcuts

Hello Readers, Today we are going to learn about Microsoft Office – MS Word Shortcuts, the important topic for all competitive exams. We will cover all the salient points required to crack this part of the examination.   So, let’s go…

Air Pressure | The Cause Behind Movement of Winds

Hello readers, last week we have discussed Atmosphere, today we will revise it’s Pressure and it’s belts, which led to the movement of air. Air Pressure is also known as Atmospheric Pressure. Let’s take a picture of pressure of air….

Important Prepositions | Error Spotting Tips

Prepositions Error Spotting   Hello Readers Today’s topic is Prepositions.   Let’s start the topic with its meaning. Preposition is made up of two words – Pre + Position. Pre means before and position means the place. So, Preposition is…

Indian Constitution – Part III, IV & IV-A

Hello readers, last week we have discussed about the Indian Constitution – Drafting and Features. Today we will move further and take a look on its most important part viz. Fundamental Rights, Fundamental Duties and Directive Principles of State Policy….

Motion – Core of Forces

Hey readers, today we will go through the terms related with the key topic “Motion”, the core of forces.   [responsivevoice voice=”Hindi Female” buttontext=”Listen to this”]   Scalar Quantities – Physical quantities which have magnitude only and have no direction are called…

Cubes and Cube Roots

Cubes Cube Roots   Hello Readers Today’s Topic is – Cubes & Cube Roots (Perfect and Imperfect) First, we will discuss how to find out the Cubes of the numbers and then, we will discuss the Cube Roots.                                                              CUBES  …

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