Jainism – A Religious Movement (Notes with Quiz)

Hello readers, last week we had learnt Buddhism – A Religious Movement, today we will discuss, about its successor Jainism. Jainism – A Religious Movement is a very important topic , it is advisable to go through this topic properly….

Indus Valley Civilization

Hi readers, today our time machine takes us 5000 years back, to the Bronze Age, that is, “The Indus Valley Civilization” (IVC). We may all called it as the successor of “PreHistoric India”, that we will revise at the end…

Buddhism FI

Buddhism – A Religious Movement

Hello readers, last week we have discussed Vedic Civilization, that composed Vedas. Today we will revise the post vedic period, which gave rise to religious movements, starting from Buddhism A Religious Movement. In this we are covering all the material,…

Vedic Civilization FI

Vedic Civilization

Hi readers, last week we have discussed Indus Valley Civilization, today we will take a tour to it’s  successor i.e. Vedic Civilization.   [responsivevoice voice=”Hindi Female” buttontext=”Listen to this”]   Now, we are at a phase between 1500 BC – 600…