Spotting Errors: Important Rules

Common Spotting Errors


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Today, we will discuss some important rules that will help us to spot errors in exams.In this topic, we will discuss about words which are often used in similar context but they have different meanings and should be used accordingly.

Let’s start discussing these words.


  • Habit vs Custom

Common Spotting Errors habit custom


Habit – Uneducated children often become a victim of bad habits.

Custom – Indians have many customs.


  • Cause vs Reason

Cause Reason

Example –

Cause – Economists try to find out the cause of recession.

Reason – My smart and hard work is reason of my success.


  • Men vs People

Men vs People


Example –

Man – There are five men in the office.

Gentleman – John is a gentlemen at large.


  • Shade vs Shadow

Shade vs Shadow

Example –

Shade – The kids sat under the shade of trees.

Shadow – He got scared from his own shadow.


  • Cost vs Price

Cost vs Amount

Example –

Cost – The cost of production of spare parts is very high.

Price – The price of clothes is very reasonable.


  • Customer vs client

Customer vs client


Customer – Sales Representatives welcome customers with smiles

Client – The lawyer is discussing the matter with his client


  • Some vs Any

Some vs Any


Some – I shall read some novels

Any – Have you bought any novel?


  • Less vs Fewer

Less vs Fewer

Example –

Less – There are no less than five litre milk in the jug

Fewer – There are no fewer than 50 persons, who got job letters.


  • Elder vs Older

Elder vs Older

Example –

Elder – He is my elder sister

Older – Ram is older than other boys of the class


  • Little vs A Little vs The Little

Little vs A Little vs The Little

Example –

Little – There is little hope of his recovery.

A Little – A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

The Little – The little milk in the pot may be used for the child.


  • Few vs A Few vs The Few

Few vs A Few vs The Few

Example –

Few – Few men are free from fault

A Few – A few boys will pass in the examination              

The Few – I have already read the few novels that are on the shelf.


With this, we will finish this topic here. 



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