Error Spotting – Correct Use of Articles (Part 2)

Articles Error Spotting

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As we have discussed some important rules for the correct use of Articles. Today we will continue the same topic. We have already learnt about the correct use of A, An and The. Today we will discuss the cases in which we do not use Articles.


Zero Article Position –


Let’s start discussing the points which will help us to avoid the wrong use of articles.


Articles are omitted in following cases:


1) Before a Proper noun.

Example – Asoka was a great king.

* If article is used before a proper noun, it becomes a common noun.


2) Before common noun, used in its widest sense.

Example Man is mortal


3) Before Plural nouns referring a class in a general sense.

Example – Doctors are generally intelligent.


4) Before Abstract Nouns that expresses qualities, state, feelings, actions.

Example – Honesty is the best policy.

* When abstract nouns, instead of referring qualities, express person or things possessing such qualities or express qualities of definite objects. They are preceded by Articles.

Example – He is a justice of peace.


5) Before Material Nouns.

Example – Iron is hard metal.

* When material nouns express things instead of matter of which they are made they are representing ‘common noun, so they can be preceded by the Article.

Example – He threw a stone on the cow.


6) Before names of diseases.

Example – Fever, Cholera, etc

* But if names of diseases are plural in form, the article is generally used as: the measles, the mumps.


7) Before name of regular meals.

Example – Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner


8) Before the names of things single in kind; Hell, Heaven, God, Parliament, etc

Example – He was condemned to hell.


9) Before name of ‘Languages’ or ‘Colours’

Example – I don’t know ‘Hindi’ but know ‘English’


10) Before certain titles and names indicating the relationship.

Example (a)President Obama, Emperor Ashoka

(b)Prince Charles is Queen Elizabeth’s son.


11) Before a noun following the expression ‘kind of’

Example – What kind of girl is she ?


12) Before nouns, which are plural in their meaning, though singular in form.

Example Cattle, Furniture, Advice


13) Before names of public institutions.(if they are used, for the purpose they exist rather than actual building.

Example – (a) Church, School, University

(b) He went to church. (It means he went to church for saying his prayer)

(c) He went to church and from there he took a bus. (Means he went to the place where building of church is situated.


14) Article is omitted with professions.

Example – Engineering is a useful career.


15) Article is omitted with years.

Example – Do you remember 1991?


16) No article is used before name of games, sports.

Example I am playing chess.


17) No article is used before number + noun.

Example – I want shoes in size 6.


18) Work (place of work) is used without definite article ‘the’.

Example – He is at work.


19) Office (Place of work) need ‘the’

Example – He is at/in the office.

*To be in office(without the) means to hold an official(usually political) position

To be out of office – to be no longer in power.


20) ‘Nature’ when means environment, do not use article before it.

Example – If you interfere nature you will suffer for it.


21) No article is used before name of ‘Season’

Example- I am planning to visit my parents in winter.


22) Definite article ‘The’ is not used before ‘Time of day’

Example- We travelled mostly by night.


With this we will finish the Topic – Correct Use of Articles.

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