Machine Input Output – Concepts and Tricks

Machine Input output

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Today we will discuss Topic – Machine Input output. This is generally contains 5 marks in the competitive exams.

In Machine Input Output questions, we are asked to read the process done by the machine in which the input has been processed to get the output. We have to analyse the arrangements and as per the analysis we have to solve the asked questions.

There are two types of questions in Machine Input output –

Machine Input Output 1


Arrangement – In this type of questions arrangement is based on increasing or decreasing order of number and sequence of words, letter according to the alphabetical series etc.


Machine Input Output 2


Shifting In this type of question all questions are based on interchanging position of elements.


Shifting -

Mostly, arrangement questions come in the examinations, so we will focus on that.

Now, let’s discuss the concept and trick to solve these questions in the examinations –




Input – horse tiger 38 26 89 42 rat owl

How many steps are required to complete the arrangement if we will arrange the numbers in descending order and words in alphabetically order in alternate positions?




First we will write all the steps to understand how these inputs should be arranged –


Step 1: 89 horse tiger 38 26 42 rat owl

Step 2: 89 horse 42 tiger 38 26 rat owl

Step 3: 89 horse 42 owl tiger 38 26 rat

Step 4: 89 horse 42 owl 39 tiger 26 rat

Step 5: 89 horse 42 owl 39 rat tiger 26

Step 6: 89 horse 42 owl 39 rat 26 tiger


So, we can say that 6 Steps are required to get the desired output.


But this is too consuming friends, so here is the right method to solve these types of questions.


Input – horse tiger 38 26 89 42 rat owl


Solution –


horse tiger 38 26 89 42 rat owl


We do not need to write to all steps on the paper. With this method we will be able to solve the question with one step only.


First we must understand the pattern of arrangements. After that follow the following method-


  • As we know that we have to arrange the numbers in descending order and words alphabetically in alternate positions. So cut the 89 mark its positions by drawing line.


step 1


  • Now we can see the next place is of word and horse is already rightly placed if we will check alphabetically.


  • Again check the next highest number which is 42. So cut 42 and mark its right position by drawing line.


step 2


  • Now check all words alphabetically and we can say next position is of Owl. So, Cut Owl and mark its right position.


step 3


  • Next position is for the next highest number which is 38. Repeat the same; cut the number and mark its right position.


step 4


  • Check remaining words alphabetically and we will see rat will be placed first. So cut rat and mark its right position.


step 5


  • Now we are left with only two. 26 will come first. So cut 26 and mark its right position.


step 6


This was the last step of this method. Now let’s see how to check the number of steps.


Final step


This is what we will get after cutting and placing all the positions. Number of steps will be equal to the number of cuttings.


You may finding this also lengthy but when you will solve you need not to write input again and again. Cut and mark positions in the same input. You will find this method easy with practice.


So, with this we will finish this topic here.


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