Parts of Speech (Part-1) – Nouns (Part 1)

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Today we will start learning the different concepts that will help us to boost our marks in the competitive exams. We will start our learning process with the foundation of grammar, that is, Parts of Speech.


There are 8 Types of Parts of Speech –


Nouns Error Tricks parts of speech


We will discuss all the Parts of Speech, one by one, daily in the learning session of English.

Let’s start with Noun.


NOUNS (Part 1)


Nouns are one of the most important topics of all the parts of speech. We will try to cover all the important concepts related to nouns. Let’s start discussing the topic with its meaning.


  • Meaning

A noun is a word that recognizes Person, Place, Thing, Animal or Idea. Now, let’s understand the nouns by looking closely into the things that make a noun a NOUN. We will do this with the help of examples and also suggest you how to use the nouns in the sentences.


  • Identify the Nouns


Before discussing the implementation of nouns, we must know how to identify that which words are nouns.


Nouns Error Tricks Types of nouns


Now we have understood that how to identify a Noun. After this, we must know that there are different types of nouns. We need to understand this as there are rules of nouns vary with its types.


Types of Nouns –


  • Proper Noun

Proper noun is the noun for SPECIFIC thing, place, person or animal. Proper nouns begin with the capital letters (wherever it comes in sentence).

Example America, Ramesh, Sunday etc


  • Common Noun

Common Noun is the noun for referring GENERAL items or things.

Example – School, Mall, Chair etc


  • Collective Noun

Collective Noun is the noun to refer collection of people or things as single thing. It is made up of more than one person, place, animal, thing or idea.

Example – Class, Committee, Team, Family etc


  • Countable Noun

Countable Noun is the noun for the countable things, that is, any person, place, thing, animal or idea that can be counted.

Example – Cat, Table, Book etc


  • Uncountable Noun

Uncountable Noun is the noun for the uncountable things, that is, any person, place, thing, animal or idea that can not be counted. Uncountable nouns are always singular and always singular verbs are used with uncountable nouns.

Example – Furniture, Water etc


  • Abstract Noun

Abstract Noun is the noun for the things that do not exist in the material or physical form.

Example – Qualities, Feelings etc


Behaviour of Nouns 


  • There are some nouns which are always used in Plural for, that is, it do not have singular form. These nouns seem to be plural and also use in Plural form.

Example Scissors, Trousers, Jeans, Shorts, Spectacles, Savings, Surroundings etc.


  • There are some nouns which look like Plural but always use as Singular form. 

Example – News, Innings, Economics etc.


  • There are some nouns which seem to be Singular but are always use in Plural form.

ExampleCattle, People, Children, Police etc.


  • There are some nouns which are always used in Singular form. These nouns are Uncountable Nouns. 

Example Scenery, Hair, Business, Stationery, Money, Work etc.


  • There are some nouns which remain same in Singular and Plural form.

Example – Jury, Team, Series etc.


With this we will finish this topic here. Tomorrow, we will discuss about Different Rules of Nouns. (Parts of Speech – Part 2 Nouns- Part 2)


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