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Today’s topic is Prepositions.


Let’s start the topic with its meaning.

Preposition is made up of two words – Pre + Position.

Pre means before and position means the place.

So, Preposition is the word that is used before nouns and pronouns to show its relation with the other words of the sentence.


Now, we will discuss some important prepositions.


  • Prepositions showing Time


1) At, in


  • At – Used with a definite point of time in mind.

Examples – I go to my college at 8.00 a.m. every day.

He will come at Diwali


  • In – Used to denote a specific time, period, month, year

Examples – I play football in the evening

I shall come in the next year.


2) On, by


  • On – Used with days and dates.

Example – He was born on the 2nd of May.


  • By – Used for latest time by which an action will be over.

Example – The class will break by 6 p.m.


3) For, since

  • For – Used for a period of time and is used with the perfect continuous tense.

Example – I have been working in IBM for the last 10 years.


  • Since – Used to show the point of time. It also indicates continuity.

Example – India has been independent since 1947.


4) From – Used to refer to the starting point of an action.

Example – He is joining the new school from 1st of June.


  • Prepositions showing Position


1) At, In


  • At – Used to refer to an exact point, usually for small places.

Example – He live at Gurugram.


  • In – Used to refer to big area.

Example – He lives in Delhi.


2) Between, Among

  • Between – Used to distinguish two persons and things.

Example – The profits were divided between Ram and Shyam.


  • Among – Used for more than two persons or things.

Example – The food was distributed among the children of the orphanage.


3) Amongst – Used with more than two persons or things but is always used before a vowel.

Example – Divide the candies between us.


4) Above, Below


  • Above – Used for higher than

Example – The aeroplane was flying high in the sky, in fact, above the clouds.


  • Below – Used for lower than

Example – Used for lower than


5) Under, Over


  • Under – Used for vertically below.

Example – We sit under the tree when we have no class.


  • Over – Used to indicate something vertically above.

Example – There is separate room over the garage.


6) Beneath – Used to show the lowest position.

Example – The child was beneath the blanket.


  • Prepositions showing Direction


1) To – Used to indicate the movement from one place to another.

Example – The students go to the college every morning.


2) Towards – Used to point out a particular direction.

Example – The children ran towards their home.


3) Into – Used to indicate a movement inside something.

Example – The bride entered into the room.


4) At – Used to indicate aim.

Example – The hunter aimed at the bird.


5) For – Used to denote the direction.

Example – I shall start for Mumbai today.


6) Off – Used to refer to separation.

Example – He was thrown off the car during the accident.


7) From – Used to refer to a point of departure.

Example – We feel unhappy when we depart from our dear ones.


8) Against – Used to show the pressure.

Example – I rested by arm against the wall.


9) Along – Used to show the same line.

Example – I walk along the shore.


10) Across – Used to demote from one side.

Example – I ran across the road.


11) Before – Used to denote face to face.

Example – I was standing before my brother.


12) Behind – Used to denote at the back of someone or something.

Example – My nephew stood behind me.


13) Beside – Used to denote by the side of

Example – The security guard sits beside the officer.


14) After – Used to refer to a sequence.

Example – The sister came running after the brother.


With this, we will finish this topic here.

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