Punjab Budget 2017-18

The Punjab Budget 2017-18 was presented by Hon’ble Finance Minister S. Manpreet Singh Badal on 20.7.2017.


Some highlights of the budget are given below:

  • The layout of the current budget is 18 lakh crore.
  • Social Security pension has been increased from Rs 500 to Rs 750 per month.
  • Unemployment allowance has been increased from Rs 1500 to Rs 2100 Per month.
  • Electricity supply to industrial sector will be provided at Rs 5 per unit.
  • For real estate sector or urban Punjab, stamp duty has been reduced from 9% to 6%.
  • Rs 1500 crore has been allocated for providing debt relief to farmers.


For government School education:

  • Rs 21 crore for furniture purchase.
  • Rs 10 crore to make computers available to primary schools.
  • Rs 5.25 crore provided for green bonds.
  • Rs 10 crore allocated for free smartphones to youth.


For higher education:

  • Free wi-fi facility for all 48 government colleges.
  • Rs 15 crore allocated for five degree colleges in backward areas of Punjab.
  • Grants for Punjab University Chandigarh increased from 26 crores to 33 crore.
  • A medical college at Mohali.


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