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Today’s Topic – Ranking Tricks

Let’s start discussing the topic Ranking Tricks which is based on very Simple concepts.

In this, we have to find out the position or rank of a person arranged in a row or queue from right/left/front/back end. In some cases, we have to arrange the persons according to the given conditions like weight, height, ranks, etc. of the persons.

Now, we will discuss the different types of questions and ranking tricks with the help of examples, which generally come in the exams.


Type 1 – Total Number of Persons in a Row

In a row of persons, if the position of a particular person is ‘R’ from the right end and ‘L’ from the left end, then the total number of persons in that row will be equal to –

Ranking Tricks type 1


We have subtracted 1 as the position of a person has been added twice.


Example 1 –

Rachna ranked 8th from the top and 38th from the bottom in a class. How many students ate there in a class?

Solution – Using the above discussed formula –

Total = R + L – 1

          = 8 + 38 – 1

          = 45


Example 2 –

In a row of the students, Poonam is 16th from the left end of the row. If she is shifted towards the right end of the row by four places, she becomes 7th from the right end. How many students are there in a row?

Solution –

Ranking Tricks Ranking 2


Ranking Tricks RA


Type 2 – Position of a Person from One End of the Row

In a row/queue of total ‘T’ persons, if the position of a person from one of the ends is ‘P’, then the position from other end P* will be –

Ranking Tricks Type 2


Example –

In a class of 36 students, Munish’s rank from the top is 12. Rupa ranks three places above Munish. What is Rupa’s rank from bottom?

Solution –

Rupa’s rank from top = 12-3 = 9

Rupa’s rank from bottom = 36 – 9 + 1 = 28


Type 3 – Total Number of Persons in a Row

In a row of persons, if the position of X and Y from left end and right end are ‘L’ and ‘R’ respectively and there are ‘n’ persons between A and B, then the total number of persons in that row will be given as –


Case a


Ranking Tricks rank case a

Ranking Tricks Type 3a


Case b

Ranking Tricks rank case B


Ranking Tricks Type 3b


Example 1 –

S is 14th from the left end and K is 7th from right end in a row of boy. What is the number of boys in the row, if there are 4 boys between S and K?

Options – a) 25                 b) 23                      c) 21                       d) 19                      e) 20     

Solution –

Case a => L + R + N = 14 + 7 + 4 = 25

Case b => L + R – ( N + 2 ) = 14 + 7 – (4 +2) = 15


  • Note – Generally, only one answer is given in the option. We have to calculate answer by taking both cases and choose the correct answer. If both the answers are available in the options than see Example 2.


Example 2 –

In a row of girls, X is 15th from left and Y is 4th from the right and there are 3 boys between X and Y. How many girls are there in the row?

Options a) 9                    b) 10                      c) 22                       d) 14                      e) 18   

Solution –   

Ranking Tricks Sol 2 a


Type 4 – Interchange of Positions

In a row if girls, Deepika are 7th from the left and Madhuri is 12th from the right. If they interchanged

their positions, Deepika becomes 22nd from the left. What is the total numbers of girls in a row?

Ranking Tricks Type 4 ranking


Total = 12 + 22 -1 = 33


Type 5 – Particular position in an order of persons.

Ranking Tricks Ranking Table


Example –

Among A, B, C, D and E, each has a different weights. B is heavier than only C. A is heavier than B and E, but not as heavy as D. Who among them is second heavier?


(Lightest) C > B > E > A > D (Heaviest)


With this, we are finishing this topic.


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